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A happy place is what we call home!

Owning a home gives us tremendous amount of happiness and a sense of relief and more importantly it pacifiesus with great sense of security. TheHome-Property astro-report guides you on ‘when and where should you invest in property and can make the most of it?’ The report includes location study along with your planet positions thus predicting the best-suited and auspicious location for your home or business.

Acharya Anuj is currently servingover 500 clients including famous Architects and Interior Designers who are regularly benefitting through these reports and his guidance for their real estate projects.

This report also ensures that none of your investments will go in vain and it correctly answers the following questions:
  1. When will I buy my own house?
  2. Whose name our house should be- wife, myself or children?
  3. What are Good and Bad directions in my home as per Vastu?
  4. When will I be able to sell my land or property?
  5. Can my property effect my health, success, money, family and relationships?
  6. How many properties will I have and in what all countries?
  7. Will I have a tenant in future? How to relieve my property from tenant?
  8. How to establish good relations with neighbors?
  9. Will the sale of property be gain or loss for me?
  10. Why I am facing one problem or another after buying this property?

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