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The vastu-science is complete in itself. if it is correct, it will ensure fulfilment of your desires, happiness and bliss at your place, good health and wealth for your family. Vastu outlines the ancient method of "LIVING IN HARMONY WITH THE NATURE".

Why do you need Vastu?

The ancient era had everything from open spaces, airy rooms, healthy non-smoky environment to sacred tulsi at the entrance of the house. Contrary to that, the today’s living, demands more positivity and good health than ever as the surroundings that we are living in are concrete and not green, are complex and not simple and moreover the environment and lifestyle is changing at a very high speed due to stressful jobs and workload.

Vastu is all about bringing that prosperity, wealth and happiness back to your home with simple techniques. the techniques work on your living conditions, correct configuration of energies all around you, the directions, the shape and size of the area you live in, position of the land, climate etc. Vastu brings an opportunity for you to build that connect again with the cosmos you live-in.

The way we analyse and work on Vastu-techniques for you

Whether it is a residential site or a commercial or industrial location, Acharya Anuj anlayses the amalgamation of three core subjects together viz

  1. The vedic-Vastu which signifies the five elements: earth, air, water, fire and space
  2. The Astro-Vastu that analyses the uniqueness of individual by his astrological SWOT-analysis
  3. The Scientific-Vastu which measures the energy and corrects the same without any demolition work

The cosmic, telluric & global energies are calculated both for the individual and the site. Along with this, the birth charts and body readings are studied to provide remedies and workable Vastu-solutions to customers.

Acharya Anuj strongly recommends his clients to understand the concept in depth and not to follow any demolition practice without understanding the above three in detail. the quick remedies recommended by him can bring in a lot of positive change in the residential or commercial sites without much of a hassle.

For Vastu analysis and remedies for your residential, commercial or industrial sites, Call Acharya Anuj @ +91 9312064462

What is the uniqueness in Vastu-remedies by Acharya Anuj?

Acharya Anuj is very precise about recommending remedies and solutions and his methodology works to cure the real-time problems faced by us today relating to our health, property, finances or even marriage, like

  • Why my marriage is not successful?
  • Why my business is not growing?
  • Why I’m not getting money from my clients?
  • Why my visa is not processing?
  • Is there a way that we can have peace and happiness in our family?
  • Why my children are not studying?

All these can be due to Vastu-dosha in your residential/commercial site or family and can be looked after and improved upon with right Vastu-guidance. We do detailing and survey using authentic feng-shui, Bio-biology, Pyramidology, and Architectural Science. We make use of the Modern scientific instruments to evaluate energies in your house viz Lecher antenna, esmogpion, bovis scale, digital multimeters, dowsing rods, and tensors and to draw relevant conclusions on correcting the energies and space.

What we don’t recommend or do?

For right Vastu-techniques and guidance, please talk to acharya Anuj @ +91 9312064462

Your concerns that Vastu can answer

Vastu can bring-in or take away prosperity and happiness from your home. Here’s a list of concerns that Vastu may cure or prevent you from:

  1. I’m in lot of stress, is it due to wrong-Vastu?
  2. Why my business is in loss?
  3. What is affecting my children studies?
  4. Will I get a salary hike by adopting right Vastu?
  5. Why I’m not having a happy relation with my in laws?
  6. Will I ever have a child?
  7. Will I be able to save money for my kids?
  8. Is having a water body at home, auspicious for me?
  9. Why my confidence is low?
  10. Which directions are lucky for relationships?
  11. I cant make decisions easily and I’m confused even in small matters, can Vastu help?
  12. Where should I take my business decisions, in home or at office?

16 Directions and What wonders they can do for you?

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