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Acharya Anuj has been answering toughest questions about our life events and giving accurate predictions on health, family, finances, and marriage astrology since more than two decades now. His client base is ever increasing with people coming from all over India and abroad for getting solutions to their real time problems. His expertise lies in not only studying horoscope but in his unique way of working on the problem areas to give you a better and happier lifestyle. For his honourable work, he has won many awards and due recognition in the industry since the time he started in 1998.

He began learning astro-techniques and vidhi’s from his respected guru, Late Shri Chaman Bhardwaj and ever since he never looked back. His exclusivity not only lies in the awards and recognition that he has blessed with, but the fact that he still believes that ‘learning is for every day’.

Today, he uses new techniques and Vastu instruments, the use of which have made our lives much easier than ever and having said that he still is attached to his roots and, he is a true believer in the ancient vedas and puranas. He, thus brings on the powerful combination of ancient and modern astro-knowledge and Astrology techniques to deliver more accurate predictions and astro-analysis for the subject matter.

More About Acharya Anuj

   Founder of Samyak Therapy

   Gold Medalist in K.P. Astrology

   Hypno-Therapist - Past Life Regression and Future life progression

   Traditional Reiki Master

   Vastu and Feng Shui Expert


Awards and Recognition

Top 10 Predictions That Came True

  1. Youtube: Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi will not live with his family post win!
  2. Trump will win election and will become the President of United States
  3. Jail terms to Asaram Bapu and Ram Rahim both were predicted in Feb’18
  4. Violence Events and war type situations predicted to happen in Jun’18
  5. Volcanic eruptions and major weather turbulence was predicted for 7th & 8th May’18
  6. GST will have a bad impact on Indian economy: Predicted in Dec 2016
  7. Delhi sealing-drive will begin again from Aug-Sept 2018 and that this will be the final phase of the same: Predicted in the month of
  8. Major changes in gold rate: A huge downfall has happened from Feb to May end this year
  9. NIFTY will go up to 10200 was predicted in Mar’18
  10. Huge downfall can be seen in Gold rate from Feb to May end 2018, this was predicted in Jan 2018

Connect with Acharya Anuj at +91 9312064462

Future Predictions by Acharya Anuj

  • Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi to face a major setback in October this year
  • Share Market will show upward trend during October-November 2018
  • Gold will show another heap during Aug-Sep 2018
  • Delhi sealing drive will begin again in Aug-Sep 2018 and this will be the final phase of it
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Astrologer and Vastu Expert
Acharya Anuj

  BB-18B, Opposite Shri Meenakshi Mandir,
    Shalimar Bagh (West), Delhi-110088.
   Mobile: +91 9312064462
  Web Site: www.acharyaanuj.com


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