Karam Sanhita

Karam Sanhita defines the entire life journey of a person. It shows the detailed analysis of every aspect of your life; your job, marriage, health, money, and family. It is one of the highly recommended astrological analysis for everybody as it tells us what we meant to do with this life? It predicts:

  • Will a business partnership work for me?
  • Will I have a love marriage?
  • When is the right time for me to change my job?
  • Will I get a salary hike in my current job?
  • Will my health be ok?
  • Will my marriage be successful?
  • Should I invest in property?

All these concerns are analysed and studied for karam-sanhita along with 10 year of life predictions for you, and the major life events that you might be facing in times to come

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Why Karam Sanhita is a must have?

Karam Sanhita depicts major events and turning points of your life, astro-doshas and remedies, and the detailed horoscope analysis including current planet’s position, and future predictions. It includes the following:

  • 10 Year of Life Predictions- Forecasting major events and turning points in your life
  • Detailed Personality Analysis
  • Astrological remedies that are best suited to you: gems, pooja for dosha, Dhoop or aroma therapy, Yogas, directions to use-Vastu benefit, Rudraksh whether to wear or not
  • Your lucky numbers basis Numerology astrology
  • Total list of 27 important Do’s and Don’ts
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