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Right Way of Meditation Part 2
Description : Right Way of Meditation In Sutra 1 As Brahamrishi Subhash Patri Ji says: �Meditate in the right way i.e. Anapanasati� and help others to meditate in the same way� There are not `many` ways of doing meditation! There is but one .. that is Anapanasati. This was the discovery of Gautum bhuddha about 2500 years ago! The eigth point in the eight-fold path of Buddha `I samma sati` .. i.e., `samyak sati` .. ie., `Right union`. Samma sati`! Meditation is the only foundation for having spiritual experiences . Doing mediation and teaching meditation� these have to be treated as concurrent things. As we learn, we should teach the more and more we teach the more and more we learn..
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