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Life Predictions, Prospects and reports: All spheres of life like Health, Education, Finance and business, Career, Purchase of vehicle, Property, love, Romance and Marriage, Children, Education, Foreign travel, soul purpose and all spiritual quests etc.

Ask A Question: All Specific questions without or without a horoscope like personality, future, sale purchase of land, goods and vehicles, service and promotion, litigations, entangled money, loans and their repayment, investment decisions, travels, children and progeny, foreign trips etc.

Birth Time Rectification: Birth time rectification and verification for minor calculations, for lost horoscope, difference in birth time etc. and matching them with life events.

Past life Astrology: Past life reading according to birth chart for any kind of life situation. Therapist training for advance level of astrologers as Past life therapist covering Hypnosis, past life and astrology.


  • Vastu for all types of residential, commercial, public utility property.
  • Vastu according to Vedic Astrology evaluating compatibility of dwelling with owner/s or resident.
  • Vastu analysis with modern day scientific instruments and Implementation of vastu principles without demolition work.
  • Vastu with Aura analysis & Energy readings.
  • Vastu Maps for ground, floor and building level analysis with Vedic and modern scientific grids.
  • Special treatments for Geopathic stresses, specialization in “Bhoomi Shalaya Chikitsa.”
  • Evaluation of exterior environment, Designing /Decorating/ applying Vastu principles, Placement and arrangement of furnishings, art and accessories.
  • Advising on the proper applications of corrections in specific problematic areas such as health, career, relationships and finances.
  • Pre and post construction evaluation and recommendations.


Healings through REIKI and Quantum Touch

  • Reiki healings and treatments on Mind-Body-Emotions-Beliefs.
  • Pre and Post healing analysis with Aura report of body.
  • All level of Reiki courses, research and preaching.
  • Reiki healing grid, gadgets, healing crystals etc.
  • Hands on and distant healings.
  • Healings with other holistic therapies such as NLP, Hypnosis and Meditation.
  • Psycho kinesis with universal energy or consciousness.


Past life regression Therapy

  • Understanding who you were in past life and its implication on this life.
  • Removing past life chains that tie to poverty, insufficiency, debts and duties.
  • Talent retrieval from past lives.
  • Release of fear, phobia, emotional stress, addictions and personal problems.
  • Solving all types of Relationship issues
  • All types of spiritual quests and contact with higher self.
  • Success, charisma enhancement and attracting abundances in all spheres of life.
  • Visiting astral life, meeting Masters, Life between life states.
  • Future life and future life progression to the time not yet come.

Institute Of Healing and Alternate Sciences

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