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Reiki is a gentle, safe, natural healing energy. It uses a hands-on technique for you and for others. As an energy electromagnetic healing system, Reiki works to heal many diseases, imbalance or disharmony at physical, emotional and spiritual level.

  • It also works to heal the energy blockages in the body and helping with personal spiritual awareness and growth. Reiki is not a religion but a divine universal life force energy. No matter what your religious background Reiki provides connection to high power, which is a never-ending supply of Reiki frequency to heal.
  • The meaning of the word Reiki is :

    Rei - Universal energy outside all livings
    Ki - Life force energy inside all livings

The original Reiki healing system developed Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan (1865 - 1926). During the last few years of this life he founded 'Usui Reiki' which means the Usui spiritual energy healing method, and this has become widely known in the world as Reiki. Dr. Usui practiced Reiki from his clinic in Tokyo and gave classes to spread Reiki. He spent his life caring for people through healing and teaching.

  • The way we use Reiki is termed Active Reiki Healing. What this means is we aim to treat conditions directly by channelling energy at the frequency needed by the condition we are treating. In addition we use intention and visualisation to maximise the benefit of the healing.

*Hands on and distant healings.
*Reiki healing grid, gadgets, healing crystals etc.
*All level of Reiki courses, research and preaching.
*Psycho kinesis with universal energy or consciousness.
*Pre and Post healing analysis with Aura report of body.
*Reiki healings and treatments on Mind-Body-Emotions- Beliefs.

*Healings with other holistic therapies as NLP, Hypnosis and Meditation.

Distance Healing

Institute Of Healing and Alternate Sciences

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