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New Age Astrology: Horoscope is a mirror to Mind Body and Soul


What is the purpose of astrology or horoscope in new age spiritualism? In this era where humanity is once again coming closer to existence, I personally believe that the days where astrology was only used for predictive life’s mean purposes are now over. Once again the Vedic tool to understand the ever flowing rhythm of universe visa vise an individual is again finding its root in astrology; interestingly for which it was made known to our seers.


This is a classic case of a country renowned corporate persuader who is having major big accounts of Indian corporate world. Native is born on 19-11-1959; 01.00, London. With this example we will understand the life in new dimension, say


  • Subconscious mind
  • Life Belief System
  • Soul purposes
  • Interrelation of inner and outer purpose.



Subconscious Mind: Birth moon contains all the information of your subconscious mind, body and soul.As per the data available, moon is posited in the star of Rahu and sub of Saturn. Rahu being placed in ascendant and sat being placed in fourth, there are few misconceptions regarding native own identity and deprivation of comforts, console, motherly touch or even delay in acceptance of birth by the mother, which arouse from the birth to six years of this life age, which the native will experience many times and if not released, all time in this life. This may result an illusion of identity or in a sense identity crises, for which the native will always try hard to realize. This combination gives native lots of hidden as well as unused talents and knowledge. Often the native inner purposes are not a match with the outer purpose as a belief “I am not wanted” or “I am not good enough” always plays a major role in life. The subconscious will time and again raise the circumstances in the life, where native will face times of confusions of self and deep heartily wounds.


Further the star lord Rahu is posited in the star of ascendant lord sun, placed in third cusp and with sub Venus. This despite of denoting the authorities, lordships (created and benefited), the native loose them with worldly comforts, luxuries and other worldly physical issues. This means that despite of creating a confidence, high ended relations, associations, persuasions, they will slip from the hands due to emotions and confrontation of emotions with delays, frustrations and denials. This can also be said other way round that the moods or moody desires will be obstructed or countered or confronted and then the desires of gains will start ending the relations, associations or communications. This combination doesn’t give the benefits from brothers and is constantly endangered with affliction of past memories or spirit world. Even one sided love is also possible without any result.


Belief System: Twelfth cusp of a horoscope denotes the ground work or belief system on which this life is based. Who can deny the fact that twelfth is the investment or expenditure house to the ascendant? Twelfth cusp is empty with no planets. That means there is no interception or retrograde plants in twelfth cusp. Result is that there is no unfinished business in this life and you are comparative free to choose your life and create your own reality, always. The sign lord and also the sublord moon are in tenth cusp, which is eleventh to twelfth. It simply denotes the results or activation of above analysis in this life. The native will face these via business or occupational life.


Venus is also in the star of moon. Venus placed in second cusp, with Sublord Saturn in fourth. This simply indicates that above results will also cover the family, finances and business transactions. Always there will be circumstances the native business will be connected to air, emotions, news, image, personality development (all attributions of air and water- fast) and others business would consist the element of labor, legacy, Old structures, old businesses (all attributes of earth, delays and not denials). This conflict will keep on going and thus business keeps on going.

With these belief systems, native has to learn to cope up with lot and lots of delays. Had everything destined to materialize so fast, native would have become Hitler. Native should contemplate that all fast emotions are not fruitful. Release stored mind waves and emotions through rebirthing breath work. Fast movements may be a business but only business. Native has to balance the swings of moods and promote acceptance in this birth.


Soul Purpose: Well how can the soul purpose differ from the beliefs and subconscious mind? Then also, let’s see the placement of sun. Sun being the lord of ascendant is placed in third cusp. This gives the native a life which is authoritative, connected with king and self made. Rahu is in the star of sun, placed in ascendant. This confirms all what we have discussed during analysis of belief system.


Sun is in the star of Jupiter placed in third, being the lord of fifth and eight unoccupied. This will result in fructification of love life, lots of divine creativity, and more relationships with elderly and/or scholarly people and more sons than daughter. These are aspirations of life may be fulfilled completely but you will keep longing for them as the sublord is Rahu which is placed in ascendant. Along with this longing a sort of divine intervention will also experience/ come to fulfill your soul purpose. Whenever require, the intelligent support or association (not logic), it will be there.


It means the second; ninth and eleventh of the seventh will operate. Native soul issue would be connected with the money, change in business or fortune and gains of its partner, clients or others. Detail of these operations will be discussed under the head “Business and business partners.”


Interrelation of inner and outer purpose: Often a life is a conflict between inner and outer purpose. This conflict can be easily understood by its relationship with the ascendant, twelfth and tenth cusp. In this case since the sublord as well sign lord of twelfth cusp moon is in tenth, the analysis of tenth cusp has become all important. Tenth cusp sublord Saturn is placed in fourth cusp, that is, seventh to tenth. Saturn is placed in the star of Ketu placed in seventh with Sublord Saturn itself. Since the sixth cusp owned by Saturn is also empty and progressing, it gives native returns in form of fixed assets and broadly speaking, whatever is the business of native client is native business. Wherever the client is in conflict, dilemma, it becomes natives business. This also means that native is receptive to dilemmas of others or is always confronted by abortive/ suicidal clients? Time and again invite deceptions in form of day to day opportunity which is deeply buried in native heart. A soul business is to time and again recall life purpose through belief and subconscious mind.


What is the day to day dilemma and what type of client, business partner or partner? Since the Seventh, ascendant and eleventh cusp sublord is same – Mercury, we can discuss the personality, gains and opportunity, partners, clients in this horoscope at a go. Retrograde Mercury represents frequent changes and a ‘runaway and come back’, re-inspect aptitude and attitude regarding all these matters. In the chart mercury is in fourth cusp and since retrograde also due to variance of degrees it appears to be in thirds cusp. This means extra thinking, logics, high degree of debate, arguments, and negotiations in all the matters above. There is no planet in the star of mercury and mercury is in the star of Saturn with sub lord Rahu. This results in the followings.


Personality: This combination make native self reliant, and benefited with own communications and logics. More the communication more is the self and vice a versa. Every fulfillment of desire will fuel more communication and again the cycle will repeat itself. Native will keep the old wounds to itself and constantly evaded by illusions of them. Isn’t it a misery that a native with such a communicative skill will not be able to express its own wounds? This aspect will also result in liquidation (at least once in this life) and create delays in realizing money or old dues from others. Native will subconsciously try to copy the old trauma of mother and will be constantly evaded by her deep sorrow pattern of her own mothers hard bound (Karma).


Business clients: Ketu is in the Seventh cusp. This simply, for sure, means disturbed relations with husband, clients who have reached to a suicidal stage, illicit associations, and daily routine as barking dogs in life. Clue here is that clients facing hurdles and litigations, search of partner or business, changeovers, creativity or knowledge is native business opportunity. Native is in all these ways connected with the business of others. Any client of ill repute (searching for make over) who wants to boost or establish business, either not earning or want some disinvestment or change is native potential client.


Gains or desire fulfillment: Since mercury is deeply connected with native eleventh house also, the above business will give native profits or fulfillment of desires. Native every communicative, logical, database, effort co joining media, air, water or mass moments will sure and certain bring desire fulfillment.  Native knowledge of different languages will assist in life.


Thus we find a co relation between inner and outer world. Students of K.P. may argue that the position of sun and moon on the given time may be same for all births on the similar latitude and longitude, as may be in the case of twins. But I would like to once again mark the difference in sublord of various cusps. As a past life regression therapist I have dealt such cases where I have found that twins generally not only share the same womb, but also have a common purpose to perform in life. Their life may go in different direction, worldly wise, but since they belong to same soul group, definitely have a common agenda to fulfill with each other and also rest of the world.  So on the name of logical calculations we should not be confused with planet based astrology or cusp based astrology. All tools have their specific meanings and who can deny the planets as energy masses and cusps as scope for this life. After analysis, confirmation of driven results with the native, I can say that it is not a wishful thinking but hard core fact of a life, true and authentic. With the help of these analytical tools we can really bring a new dimension to the lost horizons of Vedic astrology. With all these analysis I hope you will find a new dimension to new age spiritual astrology. This above case may serve an eye opener to your horoscope also. Sincerely try to find out yours purpose and enjoy your trip to earth.


Birth Time Corrections and Verifications


What is the authentic, step by step method for birth time verification and rectification system and how to ascertain time corrections up to seconds according to K.P. system of astrology?


In modern days, despite of birth in nursing homes and hospitals, the accuracy of birth time is always suspicious. In India father is not allowed at the time of birth into the labor room, as in western countries and doctors are always busy with the child and mother. It is also the first duty of the hospital staff to take care of the patient and not the accurate time of birth. Also there is quite a big difference in noting the time of birth according to the watches around. At the time of reading this article you can also verify this truth. The time by your wrist watch, wall clock or mobile timer will show you the difference. This difference may be from two three minutes to ten minutes. And all of you know that this much difference is enough to change the sublord of the asdt., thereby changing all the minor predictions in a horoscope. So, when there is a difference at this moment, how the accuracy can be ascertained at that birth moment which is always full of mixed feelings.


There is also a difference of opinion among the astrologers regarding ascertaining the birth time. A group of astrologers believes that the time of first cry of child is his birth time, whereas the other are of the opinion that the moment child comes out is its birth time. There is also an opinion among the astrologers that the moment ambical cord is cut is the correct birth time of the birth. All the different sects have their own logic behind their faith and belief. This also a big reason why the doctors and other hospital authorities note the birth time differently. I think it is the prima facie responsibility and duty of the astrologers to educate the competent authorities in this regard.


According to the ancient texts available and modern day researches in astrology, life is a continuous flow of birth and death. Meaning thereby in this context, we can draw the astrograph of this life term, previous life terms and future life terms by any crucial moment available with us, subject to certain conditions. Life is a vast canvas where a circle of birth and death is drawn. We can reach to any moment by a thought. This thought or mind wave is not in the control of human. No astrologer in this universe can predict regarding the forthcoming thought of the next moment. That is also a reason that the ancient texts have called Moon as the carrier of Mood. So the accuracy of this life time birth moment can only be ascertained by going back to the nature itself.


A student unsatisfied with the accuracy of his own birth time approached to the astrologer to find out his birth time. He was born on 12-9-1969 round about 10:00 P.M. in Delhi in the star of uttrafalguni on Friday. He was confused whether he was born in the sign of Aries or Taurus or a sandhi Lagna. Because some of his life events were justified with the Aries asdt. And other were coming true by Taurus. There were also some events which were justified by both the ascendants.


According to the thumb rules of K.P. astrology, there is nothing called Sandhi Lagna. The birth is always at a particular degree. So, either he is born in Mars sign Aries or Venus sign Taurus. So, a seed number between 1 to 249 was asked to solve the query of his agitating mind. He mentioned the seed No 53 for this. This case was taken up on 9th April 2006, at 13:20:10 at Bombay.  The details of the time of judgment are as below.     




Seed No 53 says Mercury sign, Rahu star, Sun sub and sub sub Sun. The day lord is Sun. Moon in the sign of Sun, ketu star, and rahu sub. So, the ruling planets are Rahu, Mercury, Ketu and Sun. Whenever a birth time correction is done, the present cuspal positions are considered. We have to take Jupiter for the correction of birth year, Sun for the month, current ascendant for the natal moon and other planets and Moon for the birth time. The judgment is done by keeping the Ruling planets in mind. In this case since everything except the birth time is accurately known, we will consider the position of the current Moon for the correction of the birth time.


Moon: Leo Sign 07-42-18 Sun  Ketu  Jupiter      ®                 Day Lord :Sun


Since rahu is in the sign of Jupiter, we will also take it for the calculations. So, the Planets who will determine the ascendant will be Sun, Ketu, Jupiter and Rahu. According to the principal of advance stellar astrology, the tenant is much stronger than the owner and it has much strength and say regarding the matter. In other words we have to find out the the tenants of selected planets. 


Tenant Planets                                            In the Star Of


No Planet                                                    SUN
No Planet                                                    KETU

MERCURY, JUPITER                               JUPITER

VENUS                                                      RAHU


Since there is no tenant in the star of Sun and Ketu, we will take Sun and Ketu itself. Jupiter will be replaced by Mercury and Jupiter itself. Rahu will replace Venus. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Ketu are the planets available to determine the strength and position of the ascendant. Since Jupiter is retrograte and deposited in the star of retrograte Jupiter, it becomes very weak to offer the results. So, the selected remaining planets are Mercury, Sun, Venus and Ketu.


According to the question, the native was confused regarding his birth sign. The planetary positions clearly shows that he can not have Aries sign as his ascendant, because Mars is nowhere in the picture. Rather Venus is there. So, his ascendant can only be Venus sign Taurus.

Since, sun is repeated twice and also a ruling planet with no tenant in his star. Sun is all powerful to be the Star Lord of the ascendant.

Among the remaining two planets- Mercury and Ketu, only one can be the sublord of the ascendant. According to the advance tools of birth time correction, the sign\Rasi, in which the star lord of the Sublord of Ascendent resides in natal chart, would reflect its characteristics through the person. Here the star lord of Mercury is Jupiter, which is in the sign of venus. Ketu is in the star of Moon, deposited in the sign of Sun. Now we have to analyze the characteristic of the person among the qualities of venus and Sun. Upon verifications, the native assured his temperament and qualities of venus and not of Sun. So, his ascendant sublord was fixed as mercury and Ketu was taken as sub sub lord.

In this way the ascendant of the native was fixed as Venus sign, Sun star, Mercury sub and Ketu Sub Sub. In the last this major life events were verified to confirm his corrected birth data, which came to be very true.



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