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Well come to the fascinating world of Feng Shui.


                        Feng Shui literally means wind and water. In is an ancient Chinese wisdom that advocates living harmoniously with the environment, creating balance in living space and the topography of the land. Good Feng Shui creates opportunities for growth, smooth living condition and attracting the abundance in all the aspiration of life. While bad Feng Shui brings illness, disasters, accidents, financial losses and misfortunes.


Traditional Chinese families customarily display many deities in their homes and office.

These range from health and protection deities to wealth and love deities. Some of these deities are worshipped and place in the family Altar or small temple placed inside the house and some are just kept as symbolic presence.


                        According to Feng Shui there are some general guidelines laid down for family altar. The family altar is generally placed in the North West sector of the house as it represents the heavens. The deity placed in the altar is placed in such way that it faces the direction East or South East alternatively the altar is placed diagonally opposite in that part of the hall or lobby , which directly faces the front door. It is done so to keep the check on the incoming energy, visitors and as the resident walk into home he should see the altar.


            The deity (statue or painting) or altar should not share the wall with toilet, bathrooms, kitchen and storerooms. Its is most inauspicious and the positive energies and luck associated with that deity with either dissipate or can harm in many form. It should also not be directly above or below these sectors.


The altar should not be under a staircase in any case. This symbolically means that the

residents step over the deity with either dissipate or can harm in nay form. It should also not be directly above or below these sectors.


The altar should not be under a staircase in any case. This symbolically means that the.

residents step over the deity and crush the positive chi from their feet regularly. It should be avoided at all lost. The deity should also not face the staircase. It creates obstacles in the life


The altar should not be placed directly facing the door into the toilet. All the energy and

blessings produced will be drained away very quickly.


The altar should not be under an expose overhead beam or hilted by any protruding corner or

any hostile sharp pointed physical object. It is a very bad omen. Confrontations and litigations are the result.


The deity should not be placed in storeroom, kitchen, or in bedrooms. The altar should kept

clear all the times and the burnt incense should be removed regularly.


The deity or the holy object should be placed in an elevated position with a roof over its

head. It should not be placed outdoor at any cost. Candles, lights and crystal chandelier bring Yang energy to the altar. They can be lit all the times. They attract the good Chi and uplift the energy produced


The sound object like bells and wind chimes are also added to the altar to announce and

welcome the coming of good news and luck.

                        The joss sticks, incense should be of pure herbs for purification and cleaning of the atmosphere and premises. They bring the positive Chi in the house. They should never be appeared uncared for and properly placed.


                        By following the Feng Shui guidelines laid down for the family altar, the harmony for all resident, protection for the patriarch and prosperity luck of all can be ensured.






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